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Go Green with
Gwendolyn Events

We wants to take the lead in producing green events of all sorts here in New Orleans.  Global warming aside, it just makes sense to reduce waste.  It's good for the world and it can be good for your business.  This doesn't mean that if you hire us you have to go green, but if you choose to do so, we want to do all we can to help you suceed.  For specific suggestions on how to make your event or meeting green, call us at 504-208-5582.  

Reasons Companies Are Considering
Eco-friendly Event Planning

Six key reasons companies choose a green, eco-friendly meeting or event

Streamlines the Event

  • Making environmentally friendly decisions and then implementing them successfully makes it easier to streamline any size event. Some of the simplest choices when event planning can be the most impactful for saving environmental resources.  
  • Go digital. To reduce paper waste and streamline manpower hours (printing, organizing, and distributing), opt for digitalization where possible. Offer online registration and confirmation to not only streamline paper waste, but to help facilitate faster and more efficient attendee check-in time
  • Reduce or eliminate swag. Only offer one, practical item that's made in an eco-friendly manner or from sustainable materials.

Reduce Costs

  • Companies rarely host just one meeting or event a year. Making green choices can help reduce costs across the board annually. Where possible, avoid printing dates and times on signage to reuse for the next meeting. This can offer significant budget savings.
  • Keep costs down and decrease resource usage by recycling name badge holders. At the close of each meeting or conference event, have attendees place their badge holders in bins (clearly marked).
  • For medium to large company meetings, consider large water dispensers and recyclable paper cups as an alternative to bottled water. This option costs less and is more eco-friendly.

Support Local Economy

  • Any time a company opts to plan a green event of any size, it has the ability to directly support the local economy, generating good will and a stronger community connection. Green events encourage the sourcing of local, sustainable goods and services including menu items. When planning an eco-friendly event in your community, don't forget to choose a green venue.

Promote the Company's Green Goals

  • An environmentally conscious event allows your company the opportunity to promote its green philosophy and goals. For companies transitioning into an eco-friendly internal culture, it's essential to promote those goals to your clients, customers, and community. Even a company with an already established green reputation can benefit from promoting their environmental message at an annual meeting, conference or other company event.

Help Improve Employee Production and Retention

  • Studies show that companies that voluntarily adopt international 'green' practices and standards have employees who are more productive than average. The happier and more productive an employee, the higher the employee retention rate. In addition, companies with green practices tend to attract more job seekers than those businesses that ignore environmental concerns.

Encourage Green Efforts Beyond Events

  • Hosting an eco-friendly event presents your company with the opportunity to encourage employees, clients, and even the community to continue green efforts long after the last panel question is answered and the closing speech has been presented. Attendees take notice of green efforts, even simple recycling of name badge holders or bins to collect aluminum and plastics.
Companies often have multiple reasons for choosing to host an eco-friendly meeting or event. Whatever your reason, take stock in knowing that going green when planning meetings and events can have such a significant impact on not only the environment but on your clients, employees, and community.